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                24W industrial power supply
                36W industrial power supply
                50W industrial power supply
                60W industrial power supply
                100W industrial power supply
                150W industrial power supply
                12-18W series substrate power supply
                20-36W bare board power series
                37-48W bare board power series
                50-60W bare board power series
                70-80W bare board power series
                90-100W bare board power series
                24V1.5A for 50/75G RO System
                24V2.0A for 100/150G RO System
                24V2.7A for 200G RO System
                24V5A/36V3.33A for 300-400G RO System
                24V7A 8A 10A /36V8A 10A for 600-1000G RO System
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                The company since its inception, has been to achieve business, organization, the comprehensive resource integration and unified management, 6W--150W series products have achieved ···
                ·The power adapter factory tutor your adapter m
                ·Several important parts of the power supply
                ·Use the power adapter should pay attention to
                ·Press type switch power supply selection
                ·From design to repair, the all sided study of
                ·Eight kinds of soft hardware processing method
                ·Noise reduction method by switching power supp
                ·Switching power supply design experts to talk
                ·Typical switching power supply protection circ
                ·Precision electronic switching power supply ci
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